Hiking vs. Trekking

What is the difference between hiking and trekking?

Hiking and Trekking both are act of walking but there are some differences between hiking and trekking. Let’s understand the difference among Hiking, Trekking & Mountaineering instead of only hiking and trekking.


  • Hiking is an act of walking but leisure walk compared to other sports.
  • Hiking is walking on well-made and wide trails which may be man made too.
  • Aim of the hike may be enjoying the nature and scenic , roaming in forest or may be climbing a small hillock.
  • Hikes are ‘One Day’ activities that doesn’t need so much planning.
  • Doesn’t require any equipments or gears as people have to walk on a set trail.


  • A trek is a longer and a harder hike.
  • It is an adventurous journey undertaken on foot i mountainous terrain or in areas where common means of transport are generally not available.
  • Hiking is generally easy to moderately paced activity, whereas trekking is more vigorous and done with a purpose to achieve something or to reach somewhere.
  • Requires some equipments i.e. camping gears, first aid kit, survival kits etc.
  • Trekking activity may be conducted for one day but it is mostly more than one day activity.
  • Purpose of trekking is enjoy nature, walking in natural scenic places and hills as well as to achieve some purpose like walking certain kilometers and reaching till specific point it may be the peak or a lake on mountain.


  • Of the three, mountaineering is by far the most challenging.
  • It’s a more technical variation of trekking that takes you to higher peaks.
  • This is also multi day trips and may be get longer till one month too.
  • It require a lot of technical knowledge and fitness compared to other two sport.
  • Have to face different challenges like walking in an altitude with low level of oxygen, walking in extreme weather conditions, sub-zero temperatures etc.
  • One of the highest mountains (i.e. Everest, K2 and other so many mountains around and above 6000 meters) can be climbed with the knowledge of Mountaineering.
  • We require climbing equipment i.e. climbing ropes, ice axe, helmets etc. for this activity as rock climbing, ice climbing and snow climbing is part of Mountaineering.

Let me share my Hiking, Trekking and Mountaineering photos with you.

  • Hike into jungles of Karnataka, India

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