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My Yamunotri Visit in the Month of December

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Yamunotri Dham is one of the Chardhams of Uttarakhand and very famous among devotees. It is also the origin of the Holy River ‘Yamuna’. Geographically, the place is very beautiful and full of peace. The thick forests, hills covered with snow leave you awestruck. Yamunotri Dham is 3,293 metres above the sea level. Yamunotri is such as an amazing place to visit in winters too.


The history of Yamunotri is kind of very interesting and starts with Lord Yamraj who is devotee of death as per Hinduism. According to the local, he is the brother of Maa Yamuna. The king of Tehri Garhwal Pratap Singh Shah built Maa Yamunotri’s temple in 18th century. In 19th century the temple was totally ruined due to a big earthquake. After that the queen of Jaipur Gulariya rebuilt the temple. In this temple you will see two statues, the first statue belongs to Maa Yamuna and the other one is of Lord Yamraj (the lord of death).

My Journey to Yamunotri & My Experience

So, here my own experience starts to Yamunotri Yatra in the winters starts. My experience to Yamunotri Dham Yatra was literally amazing and full of fun. One thing before continuing I would like to share that it was our first time to visit deep Hilly areas, that is why is the experience is totally real. Before this journey I had never seen the snow covered peaks too. I know it’s kind of funny but its real.

We started our journey form Bareilly to Dehradun and then Yamunotri Dham. So, the question arises that when we were planning for Yamunotri Dham then why did we go to Dehradun? So the reason is my sister, she stays there so we went there to take her along with us.

On the way to Yamunotri we were full of excitements as we were going to witness the first time ever such an experience.

We were not very much sure that the roads would be clear as very less people visit Yamunotri Dham in the month of December. So we were a bit terrified too. But the excitement to explore the beautiful hills was on the top list.

During our journey saw so many villages and small towns, though the places were tiny and away from your modernity but they have their own beauty, the beauty of Peace and Honesty. The people were very supportive and lovely natured.

On the way we had faced a bit of problems as the phone were dead due to no network coverage area. And there were very less people to ask for the right way. Anyhow we reached at a place after Naugaon, Uttarkashi, for a moment it felt like our journey is over now as the road was covered due to a landslide. I became sad as we wouldn’t be able to reach our destination then my brother said let’s go ahead may be there is a way out of here. So we went ahead and luckily there was a very narrow place from where we could move ahead. I thanked to God and further continued our journey. The Hills were covered with snow, even the river was covered with white snow. The temperature was continuously falling.

Later on, we reached Yamunotri Dham. Wow, the feeling was just amazing and can’t be defined in word.

The roads were very dangerous and risky too but after facing all these kind of barriers after 2-3 hours from Naugaon, we finally reached our destination the Yamunotri Dham at 1 pm… Seeing the beauty of that valley we almost forgot everything, the tiredness, the problems we faced. There the wind was very cold and fresh, snow covered peaks, mountain scenery, tall pine trees and greenery fascinated us very much.

There were two trekking routes from Hanuman Chatti to Yamunotri Dham, one was 13 kilometres long from the town Hanuman Chatti and the another one was 6 kilometres long from Janki Chatti. But in the winters the doli of Maa Yamuna is bring to Janki Chatti. Here, we took darshans of Maa Yamunotri after freshening up. It was a lovely experience ever, we offered pray to Maa.

After that, we ate Maggie and tea there, no doubt we have eaten it thousand times before but there was something different, something unexplainable.

The whole journey to Yamunotri Dham was really a memorable one for me and my family.

I personally want to tell you guys if you love the combination of nature, peace and spirituality then you should definitely visit here, it’s really awesome place.

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