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There are so many amazing things and places to explore in India, especially in Uttarakhand a northen state of India, like its viable culture, unique lifestyle, colorful traditions and the vast countryside with the Himalayan ranges, which you can explore during your trekking or expedition in Uttarakhand, India. Trip On Himalaya helps you achieve all this in the most convenient and budget-friendly manner. Our trekking packages come with transportation and accommodation facilities to ensure that you don’t have be bothered about trivialities; it allows you to concentrate all your energies on exploring the destinations you have in front of you, making the process rewarding and soothing.

Trip on Himalaya is powered by an experienced and energetic team that puts customer satisfaction before everything else and is ever willing to go the extra distance to make things easier and more exciting for you. If you are a travel junkie or for that matter a novice traveler who harbors dreams of becoming an authority on Indian tourism, you can rely on us to help you fulfill your dreams.